At Industrial Radiography Maintenance & Supply Co., L.L.C. we offer many services to the Non-Destructive Testing field.  We calibrate survey meters, rate alarms,
dosimeters, black lights, mag yokes, thickness gauges along with various other types of equipment.  We also service and repair source tubes and control assemblies
(crank outs).  We have the components available to change whatever parts you might need.  You will find our pricing to be very competitive.  Repair estimates are offered
when requested at no additional cost.  We also do Iridium and Depleted Uranium Leak Testing.  Call for kits to be sent to your facility.

We request that you fill out this form before sending your equipment in to help with the efficiency of the process.  Please fill the form out as complete as possible.
Ship equipment to:

Industrial Radiography
Attn:  Repair & Calibration
1128 Jackson Road
Amelia, LA  70340
(985) 631-0354
1128 Jackson Road
PO Box 119
Amelia, LA 70340
Industrial Radiography
Maintenance & Supply Co., L.L.C.