Industrial Radiography was founded in 1981 by Donald Ducote of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Ducote is
the sole owner of the company and employs a small staff to ensure more personal service for his
customers.  He is fortunate to have an experienced sales staff on board with him.  Challie DeHart
became part of his team in 1988, Melissa Broussard in 2000 and Arlene Schwab in 2011. 
Don Ducote
Arlene Schwab
Challie DeHart
Melissa Broussard
Pictured L-R:  Don Ducote, Challie DeHart, James Veazey, Melissa Broussard, Donald Benoit, Arlene Schwab
We also employ an experienced maintenance staff.  Donald Benoit, who has been with the company
since 2005, does the repairs on source tubes and control assemblies.  James Veazey  came to work
with Industrial Radiography in 2012 and does all of the electronic work.  Don chose to locate his
business in Amelia because of the area being the heartbeat of the oil industry and also because of its
centralized location to the gulf south.  Although we do daily ship our products all over the United
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Industrial Radiography
Maintenance & Supply Co., L.L.C.